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We sell firewood for wood burning stoves and fireplaces. Our firewood is cured for months and stacked in a dry place. Contact us today for pricing by the cord or half cord.


Quality Tree has professional logging crews for timber harvesting. We’ll assist you in felling, hauling and milling trees into lumber.

Tree Disease Treatment

As a licensed, professional tree service, we can evaluate your trees for signs of thinning canopy, discolored leaves or other signs of tree disease, such as insect problems. Once we have diagnosed the problem, we’ll provide treatment and/or management options to restore your tree back to good health.

Tree Fertilization

Give your tree everything it needs to thrive with our fertilization services. Often our trees have to compete with our lawn and other landscaping for nutrients. We use a wide range of natural fertilization products to help your trees expand their root systems for better anchorage and overall vitality. You’ll be treated to the better blooming, luxurious foliage and enhanced vitality of healthy trees while adding value to your property.

Commercial Tree Services

Trees are beautiful and sturdy, adding value, privacy, and character to your commercial property. For a business, trees offer aesthetics, reduced noise pollution and happier employees. We offer comprehensive tree services for commercial properties, from removal to fertilization.

Residential Tree Services

From fertilization and disease treatment, to trimming and felling, Quality Tree offers comprehensive residential tree care services. Our tree care professionals have extensive experience working in dense residential neighborhoods. They work fast, clean up after themselves and respect the property of you and your neighbors.

Lot Clearing

Full clearing for developers & homeowners

If your property is littered with stumps, brush, fallen trees and all manner of nature’s rubbish… you need professional lot clearing from Quality Tree & Crane.

We provide a cost-effective lot clearing service to help you prepare for development or clear out dense vegetation around your home. This service is helpful to both homeowners and commercial builders. And no matter who you are, we’ll work closely with you throughout the process to ensure you get the results you expect.

Stump Grinding & Removal

One-trip grinding & site cleanup

There’s no easy way to remove a stump. Some use axes and brute force… other use dangerous chemicals like lye to soften the wood. The smart ones just call us. Quality Tree & Crane saves you time and effort – and all for less money than you’d expect.

Our stump removal is typically done in one visit. Our stump grinder will make short work of your pesky stumps. Our crew works quickly and efficiently, getting it done right the first time. Best of all, we’ll cover the site of the removal, removing any trace we were ever there.

Tree Removal

Felling, cutting & efficient removal

Whether from age, disease or storm damage, trees will sometimes need to be removed. Quality Tree & Crane have the equipment and expertise to safely and quickly remove a tree from your property.

If you have a tree on your property you suspect is dying, don’t wait for it to deteriorate before removing it. A dead tree can cause massive damage. Get it removed before a storm does it for you. These types of tree are also safety hazards to people who walk near them.

Tree Pruning

Trimming, pruning & more

When tree limbs hang too close to your home or personal property, they are dangerous and can cause serious damage. We offer tree trimming services to help remove encroaching limbs, as well as remove damaged or diseased parts of a tree.

Do not attempt to remove tree branches yourself. Always consult a tree care specialist when thinking about removing tree limbs. This is both for your own safety and the health of the tree. Even when a tree looks healthy however, there can still be problems.