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Hazard assessment is one of the jobs of your arborist. As trees grow and age they become subject to many stress factors that may affect their structural integrity. It is important to have a certified arborist visit your property and advise you of any possible danger from tree failure.
A Certified Arborist has a broad base of knowledge about tree and woody plant care, pesticides, planting safety and related technical matters. The International Society of Arboriculture offers certification via exam in the United States and abroad. Always insist on hiring tree and plant health care companies with these certifications when you are seeking expert services.
We take every precaution necessary to protect your property and minimize any impact to the landscape. In most cases, you won’t be able to tell we were even there (except for the tree work we did, of course).
There are several situations that might warrant getting your tree pruned: safety, aesthetics and tree health. Broken or dead branches fall without warning, making them very dangerous. Also, if a tree’s branches grow too big for the tree or are too close to your roof or chimney, they need to be pruned and cleared to prevent damage to your home. From an aesthetic perspective, pruning can help make a tree look better or provide you with a better view of your property or horizon. If you are thinking about pruning a tree, be sure to use a Certified Arborist. Unskilled and uneducated workers can damage your trees and property.
Simply put, tree work is dangerous and should only be done by a professional. Liability insurance is important because it protects you and your property from potential risk and damage. Workman’s compensation insurance protects tree professionals while they are working on a job. When you are seeking to hire a tree company, be sure to request proof of comprehensive insurance from their insurance carrier before any work is started. If you have any doubts, call the insurance carrier for verification.
The top things to look for in a tree care company are quality, reliability and experience. Look for professional certifications and licenses and, most importantly, reputation. It is also important to look for a company with an active and aggressive safety program. Finally, it’s very important the tree care company have all the correct insurance in place and should be available to answer your questions about any of these issues.